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Project Life APK

Project Life APK is a new android photography app . it’s design and develop by Becky Higgins LLC. Including in templates and pre-designed artwork allow for scrapbook pages to come together in just minutes. There are hundereds of fantastic designer cards to choose from withing the app and more being added on monthly basis.Add some quick journaling notes and you are done. The best part of this game charging method of scrapbooking is seamlessly sharing completed pages with your friends and family and of course getting those pages printed that you can enjoy actual, real scrapbooks.


  • You can easy drag + drop image and cards between spots.
  • Adjust font style , color, size and more.
  • A library of card designs and kits available.
  • Colored background options.
  • Easy import image from image gallery.
  • Export , share and print completed pages.


Project Life APK Project Life APK

Download Project Life APK APK File

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