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Paranormal Pursuit Free APK

Every second counts in this stunning paranormal enterprise! Lives are at stake as you race to keep a young man with psychic capacities from falling under the control of an abhorrent government official. To avoid the thug sent to kill you and abduct the tyke, you’ll need to discover keenly shrouded protests and tackle tricky riddles utilizing the kid’s capacities to control time and matter. Every section in Paranormal Pursuit closes with a nail-gnawing departure succession amid which you must settle on the right decisions to keep away from catch. It’s nice adventure games apk in Google Play.


  • Nice game story.
  • Mind bending puzzles.
  • Thrilling escape sequences.
  • Images, concept art achievements and more.


Paranormal Pursuit Free APK Paranormal Pursuit Free APK

Download Paranormal Pursuit Free APK APK File

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