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Living Legends: Ice Rose Full APK

Living Legends: Ice Rose Full APK latest update version and it’s update October 9 , 2015. It’s a casual type game , design and develop by Big Gish Games.

Game Short Story –  Your Husband, novelist Edward Grand, disappears soon after leaving to investigate the town of Rosemount. All you can do is follow him. What you find is a deserted town, frozen under the Ice Queen’s spell.


  • Discover the truth behind her desire to keep edward hidden from your.
  • Rosemount is both nice and dangerous, buried under a layer of ice and snow.
  • Play and explore all its secreats as you search for Edward.
  • In order to defeat the snow queen, you must thaw out the people and locations along your journey.
  • Unlock the secrete of rosemount with this collector’s edition.
  • Find thousands of hidden objects, plus solve tons of mini games and puzzles,
  • Unlock the incredible collector’s edition to gain access to all the amazing bonuses and additional gameplay.


Living Legends Ice Rose Full APK Living Legends Ice Rose Full APK

Download Living Legends Ice Rose Full APK APK File

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