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Iron Desert – Fire Storm APK

Get ready to turn into the expert of the dark desert, officer. From makers of such free war amusements as Jungle Heat and Evolution! Your armed force is ruining for a battle, the war is starting, fight calls.Modern warfare, powerful artillery, your own military base,your own particular army installation, element fights for assets, and complete mastery over your foe anticipate you. At first only light tanks will be at your disposal, then the first tactical helicopter, and this is only the beginning. Start doing battle and developing your army,and you will rapidly find that there was never such an alluring and pleasant war amusement online.Of course there are also dangerous opponents: You must overthrow the mad tyrant, Iron Dragon, defeat his henchman Commander Scar, and free the continent from their oppression. Join other players, create your own clan, participate in PvP-battles, and grind into dust all who stand in your way on the path to rule the desert.

– Deftly issue orders during battle to turn the course of events in your favor.

– Attack enemy bases, take resources , in short dominate.

– Aim for vectory and earn the title of best commander.

– Participate in captivating campaigns.

– Forget about everything around you and immerse yourself in the game apk.

Iron Desert - Fire Storm APK Iron Desert - Fire Storm APK

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