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Eye Scanner Lock Screen

The Lock screen is best lock screen on now time. You can use your eye scanner as a phone lock screen. Now a day phones have verry advanced capacbilities but eye scanning in not yet developed so we will use a cycle pattern to let you unlock the phone.


  • When the eye scanner is opened, press the button and wait 3 beeps or scan cycles or unit the info text color.
  • The eye scanner lock screen can be used as a real lock screen for your phone.
  • The eye scanner lock screen uses the front or back camera to display.
  • The number of scan cycles is adjustable via the action menu.


Eye Scanner Lock Screen 1 Eye Scanner Lock Screen 1 Eye Scanner Lock Screen 1

File Size –  765 KB.

Current Version –  1.1

Requires Android – 2.3 and up.

Download Link

Download APK File

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