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Dubai Drift 2 APK Download

In Dubai Drift 2 you will be playing online against millions of players enjoying this game all around the world. You want crazy drifting action, we be bring it. It’s a free game so download easy and enjoy. This game is most popular in Dubai so it’s called Dubai Draft 2 :p .


  • This game support MOGA game controller.
  • You can see the interior of the cars.
  • Get rewarded for being the best club.
  • Make every cone collection into a show stopping special effect, with explosions, shatters etc.
  • This game has completely overhauled UI for the game.
  • Take the thrill online by challenging your friends over the online.
  • Twenty four hours of non stop action packed arena in Dubai City.
  • Energize your drifting by using NOS, color your smokes, paint your rid or just drift fire out of your car.
  • Dubai Draft physics lets you take full charge of the drifting.
  • Nice HD scenery .

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Dubai Drift 2 APK Download Dubai Drift 2 APK Download

Download Dubai Drift 2 APK APK File

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