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Download ROCK MAN X3 APK

Download ROCK MAN X3 APK a nice android adventure game. It’s a platfrom action game, Mega Man 3 follows the same format, set forty by its two predecessors. The game player as Mega Man must complete a series of part in any order. Defeating a stage’s boss will earn the player its grater weapon, which can be selected and used at will throughout the rest of the game, ROCK MAN X3 APK introduces new gameplay material such as a Mega Man’s canine sidekick Rush and the ability to side along along the ground.Unlike with the first 2 installments of the series, artist and designer Keiji Inafune has considered the make of Mega Man three to be very stressful due to time constraints and his own increased responsibilities during its development.


Download ROCK MAN X3 APK Download ROCK MAN X3 APK

File Size – 4.8 MB

Current Version –  v1.1

Requires Android – 2.2 and up

Download Link ROCK MAN X3 APK

Download APK File

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