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Cops N Robbers APK

Cops N Robbers APK the popular mini game is coming to Google Play and our app store now. This game develop by riovox and it’s a adventure game. This is a paid game and it’s price 0.99$.

How to play Cops N Robbers APK¬†–

  • There’s a cop & other all robbers.
  • Cop tell robbers what he should do: go to the mess hall to eat & go to the showers & go to the library.
  • Robbers must obey and do what the cop says, or be punished.
  • Robber’s mission: Compliance & Betrayal(find the way to escape & win for every robber)
  • Cops’s mission: Wait for the limited time pass, then cop is the winner.

Game Highlight

  • HD quality graphics , light setting in scene and pixel scene modeling and character modeling.
  • Including nice sound effect , different place with different sound effects.
  • comfortable control & comfortable visual effects.
  • Worldwide Multiplayer support.
  • Nice and funny character animation.


Cops N Robbers APK Cops N Robbers APK

Video Review Cops N Robbers APK

Download Cops N Robbers APK File

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